We got it made ðŸ˜¸

Cat food & Litter delivered monthly by Fedex – Chewy 🐱

Ass Up


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  1. I imagine washy is looking out the window waiting for her cat food to arrive. She looks pretty dapper in her bowtie and glasses. I was golfing tonight and DOT league in Ames. It was extremely hot and humid but thank goodness we had a breeze that helped. We played best ball which was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and ate… It’s been a busy day

    I hope you’re doing good

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    1. My landlord removed the trees and poison ivy and repaired the neighbors fence…. they dropped one tree and took out my columbines and another got my cloths line and almost knocked down the ‘Hawk Pole’ 😣 I always enjoyed eating at La Fluenta’s on S. Duff in Ames.


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