Flue shot today 💉

Labs and ‘shingles’ vaccination too ❗️

Just call me ‘pin cushion’ 😉

67 years of getting injected & disinfected, in school and Navy ⚓️ and the VA I think I am protected from anything that moves (on a microscope)  I even ordered an ‘umbrella hat’ ⛱ to keep the wind off of me, the rain off of me, & people away from me too ❗️

Photo from Amazon

💉 Vaccines

I get my second shot 10th of March ❗️

Over the last 67yrs I have been inoculated for HEP A, HEP B, (interferon injection therapy to sustain HEP C) polio, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid, small pox, yellow fever, rubella, tetanus. pneumonia,shingles and all the flu & what ever  the US Navy deemed  necessary  ⚓️ in the ’70’s 😉

I will continue to wear a mask in public anymore whilst there are a lot of stupid filthy diseased people out there ❗️


Me & Mommy in 1954 on the hammock at the cottage (that is the ‘outhouse’ {biffy} in the back ground ! ) I was in diapers whilst Mama didn’t want me falling into the two holler (no poddy chair in there)
Our cat Felix in 1960 😸 (polaroid camera shots seemed to always have a ‘blur’ on them)
Washe Koda cat acquired in 2007
Emmy Lou kitty adopted in 2020

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