Rabbit Pelt Hat 🐰

It is summer time now my homemade hat is collecting dust.


Last January 😉

rabbir me lg

P.S. I made some pretty good stew from what was left of those bunnies 🐰

Kit Bunnies

Bunny 002

Bunny 001

Three different sized Kits are foraging the clover in my yard 🐰

Since rabbits don’t lay eggs I assume these are from different litters.


I might have to thin the herd this autumn and replace my 30 yr old hat 😉 I do not eat wild rabbit though, especially not from in town.

rabbit pelt hat (3)

Notice: to all birds of prey: 🐇 (after Johnson City, TN poisoned starlings 8yrs ago) I got ‘fresh’ meat under the ‘Hawk Pole’ 🐰

HawkPole 12jun17-crop

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