Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock 🐱😸

 Open screened Window or  Dinning Room available ❗️
{don’t forget to tip the human}

shamrock 2020-07-01 001-crop

Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 002-crop
Oxalis Triangularis

The Seafood Buffet is open 24/7 !!!

seafood buffet 2020-06-28 001-crop

No masks required in our dusty (fuzzy) but sterile home  😸

Shamrock buffet


Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis

The Purple Shamrocks sure like living on the front porch in the summer time.

Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 001-crop

And they are in bloom

Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 004Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 002-crop

“Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock”


Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock

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