That was fun !  ♠ I was getting a beep alert every few minutes this morning so ran a diagnostics, everything checked OK. I unplugged the CPUs & still beeps. I pulled the fans, hard drives, & power supplys still beeps. Blew everything off with my air tank even removed & replaced batteries still beeped. WTF
I changed the battery in the SMOKE DETECTOR on the wall above the desk and the beeping stoppped …duh❗️


2020-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64-based Systems (KB4579311) to upload ❗️

Is taking forever 💻

At least I got kitty cats to keep me occupied during the down time 😸

A clean computer runs cooler ⌨

A clean computer runs cooler.

comp_vac (2)

comp_vac (1)

Mini vacuum attachments come in handy too 😉

After I get all the dust bunnies I plug in ‘Little Red’ and charge ‘Big Blue’ and blow away the rest 😉



⚠️ Make sure the RAM cards are clipped down so the air pressure don’t send them flying❗️

1980’s ‘photo hack’


Birds on the porch 🐦


Hacked photo! After a couple martinis 🍸, a long time ago, I got the scissors out and cut up 5 photos and glued the pieces to a blurry picture of a mocking Bird in flight sent it through the scanner and got an image+ 😉 ❕ A year later I got my first computer, in twenty five years, and immediately installed ‘PhotoScape’  ❕

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