3 Yucca spikes this year ❗️

These Yuccas bloom every two to five years


(2018 bloom) It only blooms every 2 to 5 years and what a glorious sight it is  🙂 (2016)

Canna Lilies are growing 1¼ inch taller every day now ❗️

Canna Lilies

I fell asleep during an episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and woke up to this across the street  from my house 🛵

❤️️Luv my back porch in July

I can shower in the cool rain, privately in July 😉

2020-06-29 008

Personal showering photos withheld do to ethics of publishing on my website❗️

MY Canna Lilies are cool

19july14 012
Canna Lily Bloom ‘Macro’ capture

Cana Lilies (20)
Back Yard

Cana Lilies (16)
Front Yard

Front Porch 2019 (2)
Front Porch

Canna Lilies

The plants are 24 inches taller then normal this season & growing about 1 ½ inches a day instead of 1 inch normal. Might reach 12 + footers

Cana Lilies (35)cannas24may17

Cana Lilies (29)
These things grow anywhere 😉

The Humming Birds & I are waiting for the bloom 💐

Cana Lilies (7)

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