My Homemade Kite

If it isn’t breezy enough to fly I hang it on the porch for patriotic holidays  🇺🇸

I don’t capture images, anymore, of my airborne kites whilst I have no telephoto lens 😉

My Homemade Kite Collection

In 1986, while living in Park City, Utah, my father gave me 100 yards of assorted Rip-Stop Sail Cloth. I had just finished refurbishing a 1950’s Singer, acquired while ‘dumpster diving’, so I became a Kite Maker. (If Nature gives ya lemons ya make lemon-aide right❕ Homemade Eight foot Box Delta.


Compound Box Kite ~Eight foot nose to tail with 4 ft wing spans. I call it my ‘Dragon Kite’

Decoration Day 2017 (22)

Ole Glory

Tie Down Stake




(Giant software kite show)


I get RSS news feeds whenever they post on YouTube 😉


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