had an old ketchup bottle now I got a rain gauge

Took the Camera for a walk

I put the knee pads on & grabbed the short tri-pod & took macros of the lawn 💐

Hold this under your chin❕ Do you like butter❔

by: Wãshē Kōdä

Cat Bird Seat 🐱

I’ve been spending to much time in the window with the kitties 😼 I found out the Jenny Wrens bring spider eggs into their house so when they hatch the baby spiders eat the mites that bother the baby wrens which in turn eat the baby spiders ❗️

🎶 ‘The pump don’t work cuz the vandals took the handle’ 🎶

My columbines are getting expensive ❗️

Last year someone pulled my six saplings out of the ground, only three survived. This spring the landlord dropped a tree on two of the blooming plants.


I replaced them this Spring with a mail order from a greenhouse in Utah. 💲

Hopefully I will have ‘pixies’ dancing in my garden again next year ❗️


Each bloom lasts 2 weeks + ❗️

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