There is something wrong ⚠️

When you see 3 refrigerator semi trailors parked behind the morgue at Johnson City Medical Center   😢

Please be smart and stay safe and be aware of your actions effects on your friends & Family ❤️️


Lets get through this again 🙂

Statue of Balto in Central Park, New York City


8 billion+ people in the world will be hard to vaccinate ❗️

OMG I need groceries 🍅

After staying home for 3 months now I am running low on waste basket liners (old grocery bags) ❗️

shopping cart

Have lost #10 pounds though my skinny ass didn’t need to do that❗️

Still got plenty of beans & rice in my cache whilst I crave meat now & then 😉 and these guys ‘flew the coop’ long ago❗️

Chick roadLg3peice ch din

The Kitty cats will never want🐱 thanks to ‘Chewy’ FedEx home delivery 🙂

kittys 16apr20


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