Braided ½ hitch Candle Holder


The old house I live in is settling and my studio is listing to starboard ⚓️


‘One Handed’ Braiding❗

Friday I braided this around my wrist❗

Using Dacron kite flying cord and bored Canna Lily seeds.
It is permanent {kinda like a tattoo but easier to cut of❗️}
⚠ That is only my hairy arm, nothing else 👀



My snake Oil all dried up 🐍

Medicine Bottle made by Wåshé Kõdä

Porch Hangers

Knots (5)Knots (6)

What is green & hangs on the porch❓
I don’t know
a green porch hanger.
What is blue & hangs on the porch❓
a blue porch hanger
Nope, They only come in green & red ❗️
Mast Knot
Mast Knot’s were also used to carry cannon balls !

Knots (4)


2sept14 002

Knots (4)


Mast Knot

washekoda: Mast Knot (also used to carry Cannonballs) made by Washe Koda

Dremel Jagger Bottle

Jagger Bottle #crafts #DIY #dremel


I wish I was a better artist…
But I sure have fun with the diamond bit in the
‘Dremel Tool’

Yaggar lable


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