Equinox is here and southern Solstice is just around the bend 🌬

My ten foot Canna Lillie’s still look like they did in June surviving the Humming birds again this season. 

Hi Willy
Canna Lillie’s in NE Tennessee
Canna Lillie’s in NE Tennessee

I run these rhizomes through the grater and make exultant hash browns  ❗️

topped with DIY (I ware rubber gloves when making sausage) sausage gravy and 2 over easy (eggs are cheap) 

I call the dish a ‘lube job’ 😉 

The kitty cats prefer seafood ‘friskies’ 🐱

Have a nice Autumn 🙂


Faux Scrimshaw & Genuine Turquoise

Canna seeds, bone, silver, snowflake obsidian, pewter (non lead)

necklaces09Made by   Wãshē Kōdä

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