Cheese Slicer

Repurposed electric heater part, bent to shape ❗️


I am glad to be rid of malicious twitter & facebook. I will miss family and friends but we all have a telephone #’s and e.mail addresses that are protected by enforced federal regulations ❗️

My computers run 10 x’s faster now 🙂

(repost) DIY Antenna for ‘free’ TV

TV ant

Fourteen years ago the old rabbit-ears antenna I hung under the upstairs porch was not cutting it ! So I made my own digital reception out of welders rods & Stainless Steel mesh ! There are some simple yet effective homemade TV Antenna designs that can be built at home with parts you may already have around your house.

I finally broke down and purchased an Amplified eave mount rotating Digital 60 mile range Antenna for  💲35 later in 2019 ❗️

TV Ant new


And just like cable’ whilst a fraction of the channels there is still nothing worth watching ❗️

+ I save & $65 chuckies a month 😉

Homemade Barometer

I have been using one of these for years. Calibrate by placing a marker
dot for a stormy day then another for a nice day. these will be the
reference points. From then on I can tell rise or fall of the air


The straw is taped to glad wrap secured to top of the can.


I finally got something a  little more accurate with numbers too 🙂


Kat hieroglyphics on TV-tray🐱

Ten years worth of pussy cat scratches on the TV remote & mouse table


#440 sand paper
& a little Kiwi shoe polish 😉 (can’t find Shinola anymore 😉 )

hyrogliphic refinish tv tray

Buffed it up & looks a little better & the mouse slides easier too ❗️

DIY Sugar Dispencer

Mason Jar using a cut off top of a salt box for the lid under the seal 😉

Rice Bag prevents sugar from caking ❗️

by: Wãshē Kōdä

Mr & Mrs Acorn

The internet went down this AM so

I walked down the hill to the Oak Tree !

acorn men1

~drilled 4 holes with the Dremel

~cut up a pipe cleaner

~ slipped on some beads

~ glued to a base

Acorn people (1)Acorn people (5)


Re-Purposed Shopping Bags 💰

Cut a hole in one end of a mini-duffel and fill it up for a Trash Bag Dispenser   ❗️

Oh my😸

Washe Koda Cat

The elusive Two Eyed-Winky Dinky from Tennessee

We ❤️️ those shopping bags

Cable Labels

I should not partake in smoking in the morning !!!
( inspiration  )
Been making cable labels all day for three computers & AV equipment.

cable tags 2020-05-27 001

Bag of 50 small cable ties from $General & plastic cards from junk mail


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