😼 leave my rocks alone 💎

👿 a fifteen + pound critter pounced on one of my rock boxes (  https://washekoda.blog/2021/10/08/display-box-%f0%9f%9b%a0/)          at 2AM (ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕤𝕙)


I got that mess sorted 😉

𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕟 at 2PM during my nap I awaken to what I thought was was ‘rolling thunder’ ⚡️

It was a Polished agate, missed during the ‘pick up’, being used as a hockey puck  by Emmy Lou  😸

Third stage of (pre polish) silicon carbide, waiting for fourth stage of (polish) aluminum oxide … Lapis Lazuli

Equinox is here and southern Solstice is just around the bend 🌬

My ten foot Canna Lillie’s still look like they did in June surviving the Humming birds again this season. 

Hi Willy
Canna Lillie’s in NE Tennessee
Canna Lillie’s in NE Tennessee

I run these rhizomes through the grater and make exultant hash browns  ❗️

topped with DIY (I ware rubber gloves when making sausage) sausage gravy and 2 over easy (eggs are cheap) 

I call the dish a ‘lube job’ 😉 

The kitty cats prefer seafood ‘friskies’ 🐱

Have a nice Autumn 🙂

💎A lapidary rock (wet) saw costs $ 500 – $6,000 chuckies 💰

So I purchased an eight dollar ‘Cold Chisel’ that will work just fine for me  ⚒

⚠️ Wear safety glasses (place a rag over rock)

I have to run my stones for 3 days with ‘GemFoam’ and water to get them shinny, as recommend by National Geographic ❗️


I am adding ceramic ‘filler pellets’ media next tumble

ceramic pellets

The final stage will be 3 to 5 days using ‘GemFoam’ media which should shine them rocks up 👌


Kat hieroglyphics on TV-tray🐱

Thirteen years worth of pussy cat scratches on the TV remote & mouse table


#440 sand paper
& a little brown Kiwi shoe polish 😉 (can’t find Shineola anymore 😉 )

hyrogliphic refinish tv tray

Buffed it up & looks a little better & the mouse slides easier too ❗️ AND the kitty paw pads have a better grip 😸

Washe Koda

Polishing Agates

After tumbling for a week with medium grit (stage 2) These will now go through one week of pre polish then 10 days of polishing grit (stages 3 & 4)


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