🐱 Happy Two Fur Tuesday 🐱


This took 2 days ‘Butt’ it worked 😾 😉

Chewy 😸

Old ‘tootsy-roll’ is fine and little ‘moonPie’ too 😸

EmmyLou keeps steeling Washe’s food when he is done if I don’t watch close 😼 {mixed with polyethylene glycol 3350 & lactulose [10g/15ml] } to loosen his bowls.  🐱

Note this image might be removed in the future 😉

antique wood ruler ❗️


(repost) DIY Antenna for ‘free’ TV

TV ant

Fourteen years ago the old rabbit-ears antenna I hung under the upstairs porch was not cutting it ! So I made my own digital reception out of welders rods & Stainless Steel mesh ! There are some simple yet effective homemade TV Antenna designs that can be built at home with parts you may already have around your house.

I finally broke down and purchased an Amplified eave mount rotating Digital 60 mile range Antenna for  💲35 later in 2019 ❗️

TV Ant new


And just like cable’ whilst a fraction of the channels there is still nothing worth watching ❗️

+ I save & $65 chuckies a month 😉

Homemade Barometer

I have been using one of these for years. Calibrate by placing a marker
dot for a stormy day then another for a nice day. these will be the
reference points. From then on I can tell rise or fall of the air


The straw is taped to glad wrap secured to top of the can.


I finally got something a  little more accurate with numbers too 🙂


Coke bottle bottom tri-focals glasses work fine❗️

A lot of images on WP are blurry iphone shots and it is disgusting unless you have memories of being there and seen it & can recall what ya saw❗️

Please get at least a $25 digital camera for posting images ❗️

I use a tri-pod with 2 second time delay shutter release (67yrs old I shake) 📷

See what I mean Vern❓
Lowery Organ

These are not as good reproductions as a very good $$ camera but they are sociable 🙂

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