Hastas are going crazy 🙂

End of June and beginning July full bloom 💐

2020-06-29 004-crop2020-06-29 006

Hasta Flower

The slugs like Hastas and have taken their toll 😦

Garden ‘Slug Bait’ is expensive & only last 2 seasons 😦

Oxalis Triangularis

The Purple Shamrocks sure like living on the front porch in the summer time.

Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 001-crop

And they are in bloom

Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 004Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 002-crop

“Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock”


Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock

Holiday Bloom 🇺🇸

Oxalis Triangularis (Purple Shamrocks)


Purple Shamrock 3jun18 sharp


This root mass started from three  ¾” long cones (Pips) 5 yrs ago 😉

PS pips (4)

PS2nov17 (2)
Oxalis Triangularis

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