Young Emmy Lou ℝ𝕦𝕟𝕤 around the house to get one of em 🐱 Old Washe Koda 𝕎𝕒𝕝𝕜𝕤 around the house and gets em all ❗️ 😸

em = anything ie: hidden cookies, Jiminy crickets, spilled beans, birdy sightings, warm spots. neighbors …   😺


They look at me that way cuz they know I got ‘Tootsy Pops’

I got these photos from the internet , still trying to keep copacetic. but I can’t figure out why these chicks are in a bucket  ❗️

😽 Cat Cookies

Ole Mother Hubard went to the cupboard

To fetch the poor Cats a fish 🐡 When she got there the cupboard was bare and all that she found was This 💎


Sheba Salmon Sharpies 😸
Emmy Lou 😼
Washe cat😼
The Old Reliable Kitty 😺 Cookies 😉

Be mindful giving cats 😺 Treats ⚠️ They get fat & overweight too❗️

Good Kitty😺 cookie jar from the desk & Gooder cat cookie jar from my bed stand❗️

Porch Hangers

Knots (5)Knots (6)

What is green & hangs on the porch❓
I don’t know
a green porch hanger.
What is blue & hangs on the porch❓
a blue porch hanger
Nope, They only come in green & red ❗️
Mast Knot
Mast Knot’s were also used to carry cannon balls !

Knots (4)


2sept14 002

Cats🐱 & Dogs🐶

If you shake the cookie jar a dog will come running, knocking over furniture to get one❗️

A kitty Cat will take it’s time sauntering over stealthily and get a ½ palm full❗️

Kinda like the old bull & young bull joke❗️

Kitty Cookies

📌 ‘Flash Back to the >’70’s

📌 ‘Flash Back to the >’70’s at the newly reopened grocery store {not the prices ❗️} but the price tags are back the trouble is those price tag guns are bruising the bananas and denting the chinese tunafish cans 😵 tuna now in 4.5oz instead of 6oz cans 🐟

Fishing son

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