Rocky the Squirrel 🌰

Was unable to plant a walnut in my Squirrel proofed ‘Purple Shamrock’ 🙂 

Where is ‘Bullwinkle’ when ya need him❓🦌

 The intruder did leave me a gift on the front windowsill though  🙂

Midwest Black Walnut

1980’s ‘photo hack’


Birds on the porch 🐦


Hacked photo! After a couple martinis 🍸, a long time ago, I got the scissors out and cut up 5 photos and glued the pieces to a blurry picture of a mocking Bird in flight sent it through the scanner and got an image+ 😉 ❕ A year later I got my first computer, in twenty five years, and immediately installed ‘PhotoScape’  ❕

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