Jar Lid Opener

And to think twenty years ago I was pulling #2/0 wire through conduit and now I can’t even open a jar of herring without a special tool 😲

Lid Opener

Pantry Storage Jars

Pantry Ice-Cream Tubs

Cheese Slicer

Repurposed electric heater part, bent to shape ❗️


I am glad to be rid of malicious twitter & facebook. I will miss family and friends but we all have a telephone #’s and e.mail addresses that are protected by enforced federal regulations ❗️

My computers run 10 x’s faster now 🙂

DIY Sugar Dispencer

Mason Jar using a cut off top of a salt box for the lid under the seal 😉

Rice Bag prevents sugar from caking ❗️

by: Wãshē Kōdä


“Yick” soy sauce in the coffee!

Vannila Soy Sauce

I like vanilla in my coffee ! Going to find a different dispenser, won’t make that mistake again ❗️


I like some shacky on My food ! repurposed ice cream pail

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