Olympics 🕊

Watching the Tokyo summer games is getting me all exited for the Beijing 2022 winter games  ❄️

All the work I did helping prep for the games while living in Park City, Utah I had moved to Iowa before they happened  ❗️

I have been a ‘ski bum’ for 65 yrs ⛷ whilst my knees blew out in the ’90’s I still enjoy watching the winter events 😢

Me (right), brother Dave & friend Mark in northern Minnesota on a ‘sweater day’ ☀ 1968 🎿

Some folks say my skis are to long, should be 175 cm but I sure did like my 215 cm Atomic ‘red sleds’ schussing

down a mountain at 60 mph they were like a Cadillac on cruise control   ❗️

Winter Olympic logos


Oh I luv ❤️️ my memories 🙂

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