Motorized 1938 Singer🛠

Singer for 💲10 at auction ❗️

When folded down it makes for a good sturdy CPU (tower) Table.

Computers on a 1938 Singer

If I ware a hole in my sock I’ll buy new sox 👞

Working 10 hour days on the electric crew if you wore darned sox you would have blisters the size of mushrooms by lunch🍄


I am Santa Clause

New 1800’s Can opener

Finally something I don’t have to crank with arthritis & is easier then a P-38 but not as fast as a ‘can claw’ on a scout knife & $35 chuckies less then an electric one 🍴

Can Opener 2020-07-07 002Can Opener 2020-07-07 003P38

Who’s got $119.** for a scout knife

For the price I wish all cans would go to Pull Tab whilst 60% of a 50¢ can of string beans is the cost of packaging❗️Frozen costs even more❗️

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