Wind Spinners #crafts #spinners


air #Crafts…Porch Hangers
made and flown by : Wãshē Kōdä


Ice House


How-To (kind of)

Comment for further instructions or e.mail

Do not hold your breath waiting for a video… I don’t do that any more… the last one was a pain,, 5 public appearances  two mall openings an a commencement ceremony❗️❗️❗️

New 1800’s Can opener

Finally something I don’t have to crank with arthritis & is easier then a P-38 but not as fast as a ‘can claw’ on a scout knife & $35 chuckies less then an electric one 🍴

Can Opener 2020-07-07 002Can Opener 2020-07-07 003P38

Who’s got $119.** for a scout knife

For the price I wish all cans would go to Pull Tab whilst 60% of a 50¢ can of string beans is the cost of packaging❗️Frozen costs even more❗️


Seems I only get ‘Spam’ when I need a can

spam can

A Pepper Tin works too❗️

Decorated with Chop-Sticks



chop stix tin gif

Colored Duct-Tape wrapped.

Spam pencil tin

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