Grizzy Food 😝

I quit eating these 0ver 30 yrs ago❗️

Greasy Chips

I started wondering whats in those to-go Burrito Grande Dinners the chips came with, so now I’ve laid off those too.

Still luv salsa on my dry fry hash browns and the ‘low fat’ eggs for breakfast 😉

Mother of Vinegar

I like sprinkling cider vinegar on some foods 🍴


That yukky harmless ‘mother’ floating around the bottom of the jar bothers me though 😝

Especially if I happen to look at it ❗️ Since it is safe I don’t even waste a coffee filter anymore.


I like baked, mashed, scalloped, al groten, hash-browns, fries (american & french) potatoes.

However I can not stomach potato pancakes 😉

I do like Garrison Keillor’s ‘powder milk biscuit’ Hamburgers

Bisquit Burgers

Via  Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion

OMG I need groceries 🍅

After staying home for 3 months now I am running low on waste basket liners (old grocery bags) ❗️

shopping cart

Have lost #10 pounds though my skinny ass didn’t need to do that❗️

Still got plenty of beans & rice in my cache whilst I crave meat now & then 😉 and these guys ‘flew the coop’ long ago❗️

Chick roadLg3peice ch din

The Kitty cats will never want🐱 thanks to ‘Chewy’ FedEx home delivery 🙂

kittys 16apr20


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