Mr. Veterinarian (repost)

Gingivitis ❓ What do you mean I have to brush his teeth once a day❓

It would be easier getting him baptized,,,good luck to that minster too 🐱

Mr Wãshē Kōdä has meat hooks 🐱

Snake handler gloves, hockey goaly mask & a flack jacket might work❕

How far some folk go for their furry friends

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  1. Greenies makes dental treats. I can’t vouch for their efficacy, just that every cat I’ve had love, loves, them, and they don’t require brushing a reluctant kitty girl or boy’s toothies! It think dry food generally is better for dental health than wet, but I’ve always served my kitties a combination. Regardless, best wishes for your quest to preserve your kitty’s oral health! I always use the kitty burrito method – wrapping the kitty in a bath towel – to give them medicine. I don’t know how that’s work for tooth hygiene….

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