Free ‘O’ rings📩

17mm od 13mm id x 2mm thick

{Please limit two requests}

send SASE (inquire with in)

o rings-crop

I needed an ‘O’ ring for the oil filler plug on my air compressor and did not have💲12.99 for a replacement from S̲e̲a̲r̲s̲ so I went online and got a bag of 50 of them for 💲2.50

compressor 2020-03-02 001-crop

The air compressor comes in handy for blowing dust and cat fuss out of Hewlett Packard Pro Business machines, TVs, Air conditioner and other electronic devices especially after filling up the walk around tank with 100p.s.i.

compressor 2020-03-02 002-crop

HISS ❗️ the cats hate it 🐱😸 but it saves me hundreds 💲 a year on replacement costs 😉

Opening schools with masks a other CDC guidelines are cool  😎 But why the hell do we allow Air Travel ✈️ importing this crud from all corners of the Earth 👎

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