Covid19 And the cats still play😸

cats 2020-07-01 001-crop

I’m watching you

cats 2020-07-01 002-crop
I’m watching YOU

Are You gonna bite my tail again❓

cats 2020-07-01 003-crop
Gonna bite my tail again

I’ll kit slap ya❗️

🎶 Jumping flowers on the wall that don’t bother me at all…..🎶

Website work is never done plus maintenance free gardening, housework, filling & scooping the sand box .

Trying to watch Streaming.

Free TV is on 24/7,,,Keeps me occupied in the background when the 🐱’s are napping 🙂

TV Ant new

Never bored in E.Tennessee 🙂


2 thoughts on “Covid19 And the cats still play😸

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  1. Hi.

    Thanks for the note and Business cards that you sent me. I was so surprised to get them… And will keep them handy

    It is so hot here… 93 degrees today And we need rain badly. There is a possibility that we could get a little rain on Thursday. I watered my flowers tonight; my water bill will be atrocious next month.

    Take care

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    1. Its been warm here too with not to many afternoon ‘pop-up’ showers so have to water the columbine & cat nip seedlings every other day. The Canna Lilies are still dripping with dew every morning though 🙂


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