Pack Rat 🐱

A little thief is snatching rocks and stashing them behind the cat bed in the corner of the studio ❗️


LOL Two Chihuahua pups come visit my cats now & then ❗️ 😽 (they spook easy) so hard to get a photo capture. 📸

They don’t squat or lift a leg (so it is hard to sex them ❓ )

They do rise up on their front paws and pee on our front & rear porch’s

I heard yrs ago a skunk could not spray if ya got his hind legs off the ground ❗️ 🦨

I am to well educated to prove that theory right or wrong 🤓

Those critters, not much larger then a squirrel drive my critters nutz  🐒

Washe Koda
Emmy Lou

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