It is neat following good folks on WP blog 🙂


I am going to find and add at least 1 person a day, it will be a task whilst I am not in to constantly poor photography, poetry nor long drawn out dissertations 😉

I do enjoy those ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ with a brief explanation. If I have a question I will ask it. 😉

Gosh I enjoy WordPress 🙂

As far as follower’s go ❗️ wp sure has a lot of spammers that can not be bought up in reader yet they are allowed to torment us cool folks❗️

When you remove them as a follower they are right back in a day or two just because they have a big $$$ business account❕ I guess since I have a ‘public’ blog that anyone can see it’s OK for a non blogger that is registered with WP to butt in❓ work station—-non malicious~safe as pabulum 👌

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