‘One Handed’ Braiding❗

Friday I braided this around my wrist❗

Using Dacron kite flying cord and bored Canna Lily seeds.
It is permanent {kinda like a tattoo but easier to cut of❗️}
⚠ That is only my hairy arm, nothing else 👀



Kat hieroglyphics on TV-tray🐱

Thirteen years worth of pussy cat scratches on the TV remote & mouse table


#440 sand paper
& a little brown Kiwi shoe polish 😉 (can’t find Shineola anymore 😉 )

hyrogliphic refinish tv tray

Buffed it up & looks a little better & the mouse slides easier too ❗️ AND the kitty paw pads have a better grip 😸

Washe Koda

Grizzy Food 😝

I quit eating these 0ver 30 yrs ago❗️

Greasy Chips

I started wondering whats in those to-go Burrito Grande Dinners the chips came with, so now I’ve laid off those too.

Still luv salsa on my dry fry hash browns and the ‘low fat’ eggs for breakfast 😉

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