Impulse Sucker Purchase 

Phineas Taylor Barnum once said there is one born every minuet ❗️

habatchi grill jade

From the ‘You need this’ rack next to the check out at the Chinese Buffet

No it’s not Jade 💎

I only had $5 extra (for molded acrylic)

I will never have $5k extra for hand carved Jade 😉


Wasp nests🐝

406w8th (9)specimens bookshelf

No wonder no one wanted to sit on that bench❗️

And they even walk on water

Bee on water 02Bee on water 01

Cheese Slicer

Repurposed electric heater part, bent to shape ❗️


I am glad to be rid of malicious twitter & facebook. I will miss family and friends but we all have a telephone #’s and e.mail addresses that are protected by enforced federal regulations ❗️

My computers run 10 x’s faster now 🙂

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