Bathroom Wall Art “DIY” art

I made these from cut outs from
‘National Geographic’ magazine
Sunflower stem frames laced with twine.


Laminated with packaging tape
I did not have any lamentation film.

OMG the Pope is in Iraq

is he gonna teach them how to cook pork ❓

The doctor told me I needed a frontal labotomie

I told her all I need is a bottle in front of me 🍸 ❗️

Impulse Sucker Purchase 

Phineas Taylor Barnum once said there is one born every minuet ❗️

habatchi grill jade

From the ‘You need this’ rack next to the check out at the Chinese Buffet

No it’s not Jade 💎

I only had $5 extra (for molded acrylic)

I will never have $5k extra for hand carved Jade 😉

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