Motorized 1938 Singer🛠

Singer for 💲10 at auction ❗️

When folded down it makes for a good sturdy CPU (tower) Table.

Computers on a 1938 Singer

If I ware a hole in my sock I’ll buy new sox 👞

Working 10 hour days on the electric crew if you wore darned sox you would have blisters the size of mushrooms by lunch🍄


I am Santa Clause

Coke bottle bottom tri-focals glasses work fine❗️

A lot of images on WP are blurry iphone shots and it is disgusting unless you have memories of being there and seen it & can recall what ya saw❗️

Please get at least a $25 digital camera for posting images ❗️

I use a tri-pod with 2 second time delay shutter release (67yrs old I shake) 📷

See what I mean Vern❓
Lowery Organ

These are not as good reproductions as a very good $$ camera but they are sociable 🙂


2020-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64-based Systems (KB4579311) to upload ❗️

Is taking forever 💻

At least I got kitty cats to keep me occupied during the down time 😸

Ball Cap🧢

I’ve got 21 ball caps I’ve collected over the years but only one necktie 😉 🧢

This is a twenty one week Sunday summer series featuring one cap a week ❗️

This hat concludes my Ball Cap🧢 Summer Sunday series, Thank-You for following 🙂

27dec 2014 032

Hats page

Three ways to ware a Hat Front , Back , and ‘Locked on’ 😉

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