Equinox is here and southern Solstice is just around the bend 🌬

My ten foot Canna Lillie’s still look like they did in June surviving the Humming birds again this season. 

Hi Willy
Canna Lillie’s in NE Tennessee
Canna Lillie’s in NE Tennessee

I run these rhizomes through the grater and make exultant hash browns  ❗️

topped with DIY (I ware rubber gloves when making sausage) sausage gravy and 2 over easy (eggs are cheap) 

I call the dish a ‘lube job’ 😉 

The kitty cats prefer seafood ‘friskies’ 🐱

Have a nice Autumn 🙂

My poor mail person has walked into this twice in the last month 🕷

I knock it down most every morning (now every morning) I have walked into it a ½ dozen times before I got a clue 🕸

Walking into a spider web with your face is yukky & creepy ❗️🕷

I sent the 50¢ piece sized red legged critter flying to the other side of the porch with my cane, hopefully it will set up shop elsewhere ❗️

It is amazingly fast how it can reweave a web 🕷🕸

Evil Spider 🕷

Look close, kinda looks like an eight legged pussy cat ❗️🙀

No this is not a quarter pound of ‘mesh makon’ 🌈

It is a ¼ pound of “Nepeta Cataria” fresh hung dried out of the garden and my kitties luv ‘cat nip’ 😸

My little Emmy Lou with her new (expensive) 8 month flea collar has been biding her time hunting  cucarachas 24/7 (we have no mice or rats-knock on wood) A week ago I gave the upstairs Honduran neighbors a ½ jug of bug spray and pointed out ½ the instructions were in español ❗️  To no avail so I guess I got to call the landlord whilst He no se hables either. I am getting tired of shutting my cats  🙀 in different areas of the house while I spray something that is sposed to last 1+ yrs that keeps migrating down from upstairs 👾This stuff works if both units use it ❗️

Twi: 6:39
Sunrise: 7:05
Moonrise: 7:34
Solar noon: 13:28
Sunset: 19:50
Twi: 20:16
Moonset: 20:37
Day len: 12h 44′

Humming Bird Feeder 🐝

They move to fast for this old man to get a photo capture ❗️

The ‘Buzzers’ come by for the ‘Hummers’ drippings.

They are sure pretty at the feeder and they like my 10 foot tall Canna Lily blooms too 😉

( they move to fast for the cats to focus on ❗️ )


Canna Lily Bloom

Spent Litter 🙀

🐱 Where do ya dispose of 13 years worth of cat litter ❓ I used to spread it in the garden but it killed off five prize Daylilies 🌸. So have been dumping it along the timbers and brick borders outside the Canna Lily beds to inhibit root spread outside the perimeter of the garden ❗️ 

I got a kitty too now so almost twice as much litter waste (tootsie rolls are scooped out and flushed) {can’t find no candy wrappers for Halloween trick-or-treat vandals 🎃 }

Bad thing is every feral cat in town is attracted to the scent of Washe’s & Emmy Lou’s urine in the spent litter disposal 😾

This seasons ‘Seedlings’

Chinese seeds sold as Columbines on Amazon not 🖕
Catnip too 😸

Some asshole pulled my plants by the roots and threw them into the yard & the bird bath too within the last two hours 🖕 The cops asked me not to use the 357 ❗️ The trail-cam is up and running in that sector now❗️

3 Yucca spikes this year ❗️

These Yuccas bloom every two to five years


(2018 bloom) It only blooms every 2 to 5 years and what a glorious sight it is  🙂 (2016)

Canna Lilies are growing 1¼ inch taller every day now ❗️

Canna Lilies

I fell asleep during an episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and woke up to this across the street  from my house 🛵

Garden Wagon

Earth Day 🌞

I still have to wheel it inside once a week for frost ❄️

Columbine & Cat Nip Seedlings

Gorilla Cart

Warm  & happy ❗️

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