A clean computer runs cooler ⌨

A clean computer runs cooler.

comp_vac (2)

comp_vac (1)

Mini vacuum attachments come in handy too 😉

After I get all the dust bunnies I plug in ‘Little Red’ and charge ‘Big Blue’ and blow away the rest 😉



⚠️ Make sure the RAM cards are clipped down so the air pressure don’t send them flying❗️

Canna Prints

Spray Paint a Canna Lily Leaf & slap it on fabric 😉

Spray leaf with a couple colors of paint




Quickly place on fabric (green side up) laying top to stem & press with hand evenly.

⚠️ note : place something inside of shirt so it don’t bleed through to the other side !

Peel leaf off slowly

Kinda looks like a feather !

Wall hanger

Canna LilyPrint

Spray Paint a Canna lily & slap it on fabric Spray leaf with a couple colors of paint…

⚠️ Launder before Waring ❗️

This ‘block’ editing WP has SUCKS

Rabbit Pelt Hat 🐰

It is summer time now my homemade hat is collecting dust.


Last January 😉

rabbir me lg

P.S. I made some pretty good stew from what was left of those bunnies 🐰

DIY Postal Scale✉️


1 📀 CD or 1 AA 🔋 battery weigh 1 ounce

2020-06-18 001

2020-06-18 002
Two dimes and a nickle in envelope

No more ‘return to sender’ or ‘postage due’ 😉

* 5 US quarters minted after 1965 weigh 1.0000186 ounces

Ceramic Skull Night Light


I Had to be careful glazing & double firing to keep colors from melding.

I use a miniature base 140 volt bulb that has been burning 24/7 for 15 years now❗️

(house wiring is only 117 volts)



Old saw blades using old model paints.

Saw Blade Art (4)
Dream Catcher

Saw Blade Art (2)
I80 E into Salt Lake City

Saw Blade Art (1)
High Uintas Wilderness

Saw Blade Art (3)
Night Sky

Saw Blade Art (5)
Minnesota Sports

Cool ❗️I’ve still got the back sides to do after I learn how to draw 😉


Porch Hangers

Knots (5)Knots (6)

What is green & hangs on the porch❓
I don’t know
a green porch hanger.
What is blue & hangs on the porch❓
a blue porch hanger
Nope, They only come in green & red ❗️
Mast Knot
Mast Knot’s were also used to carry cannon balls !

Knots (4)


2sept14 002



Wooden dowel with doubled over burlap glued on !


Just one of the things I made after being gifted with a bag of Turkey Feathers

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