⚒ Power Tools 🌴{Sunday}

Love my power tools , however I am getting old now and can make twice as many mistakes in half the time  😉 I measure twice then cut & its still to short ❗️

Wind Spinners #crafts #spinners


air #Crafts…Porch Hangers
made and flown by : Wãshē Kōdä


Ice House


How-To (kind of)

Comment for further instructions or e.mail willy@washekoda.blog

Do not hold your breath waiting for a video… I don’t do that any more… the last one   https://vimeo.com/152586034 was a pain,, 5 public appearances  two mall openings an a commencement ceremony❗️❗️❗️

Bead Loom
Bead Loom

I use graph paper to make a template before I start weaving.

I am glad I spent three yrs of the pandemic on a rock collection. The price of tumbler sized rocks is through the roof now. And to think it is more expensive to polish eggs ❗️

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