What I listened to 40 yrs ago ❗ I used to follow SWL (short wave length radio Frequencies)

I got several QSL cards

I would write those Short Wave radio stations, around the world, a reception report & they would send me a conformation ‘post card’ & sometimes gifts

Bookmark from ‘Radio China International’

5 thoughts on “What I listened to 40 yrs ago ❗ I used to follow SWL (short wave length radio Frequencies)

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  1. International broadcasts via short wave are fun to listen to! Once, on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Americas, I got interviewed by Radio Nederland. Unhappily, a passenger jet crashed into an apartment in Amsterdam on the big day, and the interview wasn’t broadcast. My Grundig radio bit the dust, and ai haven’t replaced it.

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    1. Sorry about your ‘Radio Hilversum’ interview 😿 My little battery opperated Grundig (sw 1,2,3 am fm) is my main {emergency} receiver…I miss my giant ‘Zenith Tri-Oceananic’ that took 20 minuets to warm up with all the tubes in it, that is where I got religion,listening to HCLB from Quito, Equator & Christian Science Monitor from India & Africa.
      My best SWL radio was a large Panasonic with Upper & Lower sideband and a ‘beep frequency oscillator’ using a 100 foot antenna strung between insulators attached to trees, I could listen to more then God ❗️

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      1. That’s some pretty serious radio! Mine was just a portable radio, if a pretty advanced one for the times. It had the upper and lower bands and AM/FM. I used the FM to listen to Nebraska Public Radio music and news till I got a boombox – yes, it’s that far back in time! – so I could listen to CDs on it. That soon got out of hand, with ever more sophisticated and high-quality CD players ending up in my employ. The CD collection ended up in the 5000-6000 range, and I finally called it enough. I hope some institution will accept the collection someday, but the way technology advances, the CDs are a bit passe now except for people stuck with them, eh? I also have VHS tapes but no way to play them any longer. I suppose the DVDs I have will become obsolete too, if they aren’t already. I stream everything on my laptop or Roku television these days myself.

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        1. I passed the ‘boombox’ era {since I had a journeyman electrician license before graduating from High School, making the big bucks 💲 I went out and purchased the biggest ‘Pioneer’ amplifier there was & large Altec ‘voice of the theater’ speakers. My VCR’s turned into wind streamers & my dvd’s turned into sun rainbow reflecting mobiles now 😉


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