Zebra Jasper rough pre-polish

Rough Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper ,,rock tumbling,,

3 thoughts on “Zebra Jasper rough pre-polish

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  1. That zebra jasper is really neat. I bet it shows up great in your lighted case. I remember you said it was near your bathroom so you got to see it every time you went into that room.

    Veronica and I are going downtown to the last music on the green At Athens story. They have music, food court/trucks and people milling around. I’m tired but I’ll get revived

    Tomorrow is the first ISU football game. I usher and need to leave here about 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. Sure hope they win. So many players graduated last year they are unproven!!!!

    How are you doing and did you get to the doctor about your breathing? Hope you’re better. Take care

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    1. I am sick but OK the doctor gave me another year whilst I haven’t payed my bill…stay away from those ‘funnel cakes’ They will ruin your girlish figure 🧜


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