Zebra Jasper ‘rock tumbling’

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  1. Those are really beautiful. I can see why it’s called a zebra jasper!!!

    I went to the Iowa State fair yesterday with Veronica and two other ladies. We walked over 14,000 steps and I felt every bit of it last night and again today. We saw so much at the fair from art exhibits to the rock group., Hairball.

    I golfed tonight and golf league I feel like I’ve been on the run for the last week or so.

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  2. I miss having worked the Steve Smith’s Amusements of Stratford, IA Blue ribbon winning ‘Blooming Onion’ Food Wagon & his ‘Sausage Wagon at IA State Fair 2000 😢
    I Hope You have a Pedometer ❗️ I would go nutz counting 14k steps in my head.
    Did You like ‘Hairball’❓ I get approx. 1 a week from my kitties😽
    Do you have a golf score handicap ❓ Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, & Lee Trevino never let me have one ️⛳️


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