‘In work’ lighted display shelf.

Book Shelf

Lighted Display Shelf Which I am going to install sliding acrylic windows.

Rocks 💎 on display stands 😉

I came across a couple of Amethyst Stalactite slices 💎

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  1. Hi. Omg, these are beautiful. And I assume you’re building the lighted display shelf for all of the agates That way you can sit and look at them all the time!

    I have been traveling a lot. I was in St. Louis Missouri with a DOT girlfriend from last Wednesday until Tuesday, drove to fairfield and stayed overnight with a friend and then drove to Ames and went golfing on my DOT golf league. Thursday I drove to Des Moines to pick up a girlfriend and she stayed overnight and then we drove to Iowa city to get together with eight other girlfriends. We were on a bridge group together in Fairfield 50 Years ago. We get together a couple times a year… There is never a quiet time. It’s impossible to believe we’ve been friends for that many years. Our kids were all babies when we met or weren’t even born yet.

    I hope you’re doing good. Is your cough better and are you able to breathe easier?

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    1. 40 pounds of agates won’t all fit on the book shelf ! So most will remain in the display box

      next to the bathroom so I see them at least a dozen times a day 😉
      Sounds like you are busy, Ya got to slow down and smell the roses.
      Still got a productive cough and labored breathing. My CT scan from May showed I have bronchitis so I will ask the doctor why I wasn’t given antibodies ?


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