Little Columbines for Fathers Day & a Day Lily too :)

And lets not forget fishing 🐟

Minnesota Walleye’s from 1983

Father 1924-2005

Mother 1925- 1987


Lois & Ernie Florida 1981

2 thoughts on “Little Columbines for Fathers Day & a Day Lily too :)

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  1. Your Columbine is so pretty and dainty. And the other one looks like a daylily. I have daylilies around the house foundation on the east and south and they are getting ready to bloom.

    Our family and some kids/grandkids are going to storm Lake this weekend to Kings point. There are cabins there along with a campground and a water park. It’s probably about 2 Hours Drive from Boone. For the last three years we went to lost Island Campground and cabins in Waterloo and they just opened up a theme park rides that rivals Adventureland.

    It was good talking to you yesterday. I’m glad your tests don’t show any cancer but I hate that you’re still not breathing normal. I’m proud you’re staying away from those cigarettes though

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    1. Be careful of dipping your toes off the dock in the bacterial infested waters of Iowa or the (flesh eating Muskellunge Pike) of Minnesota 🐟🙀


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