🐱Happy 2 Fur Tuesday🐱

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  1. Happy window cats! Next to a cat in the garden, I can’t think of anything more pleasant than a cat or two enjoying the sun at the window! (I can almost hear a “purr” stirring in the air.)

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    1. 😸 They need the vitamin ‘D’ from the sun I guess.
      Purring is a reaction to sooth them when close to a being 15 times larger then them ❗️
      Cats don’t go in the garden anymore whilst flea buggies and resulting tape worms are expensive. ( I bring them flowers & leaf specimens to sample )
      I don’t trust the diseased wild critters that come into our yard ⚠️
      👉 https://washe240347587wordpresscom.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/wild-animals-18aug21.jpg

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