This seasons ‘Seedlings’

Chinese seeds sold as Columbines on Amazon not 🖕
Catnip too 😸

Some asshole pulled my plants by the roots and threw them into the yard & the bird bath too within the last two hours 🖕 The cops asked me not to use the 357 ❗️ The trail-cam is up and running in that sector now❗️

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  1. Did you start new plants and seedlings after some rotten person pulled your other plans? These look really good and healthy. I planted two Tomato plants and they are not looking very good. I water them almost every day and they still look like they’re parched.

    I’m going to the state fair on Tuesday… I’m not sure that smart or not with the delta virus Rearing its head again. But I’m committed to work a booth for three hours so have to show up. My two sisters and a friend are going with me

    Did you watch the major-league baseball game last night at Dyersville… And the lead up program to the game at 5 o’clock? They really made Iowa look great

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    1. >😢I had to stick the pulled plants back in the ground ❗️ & they are struggling whilst in shock. the 2 Burpee Company ($ 15.99 each) Columbines are keeping an even keel 🌿 since they were accustom to the US postal service ❗️
      > I fill up 2 – 5 gallon buckets and let the chlorine, bromine or what ever else they put in our water. evaporate out a couple days before watering ⚠️ Collecting rain water is the best. {what rain ❓ }
      > Ware a face visor at the fair so the folks can still see your smile and keep you safe 😉 I forgot what booth you work at the fair. ( The summer I worked the carny circuit I know there were a couple ‘peep shows’ ) I miss shopping at the old ‘State Fair Hardware Store’ just outside the south west gate near the Iowa State Highway Patrol State Fair HQ.
      > I got a tear in my eye and choked up when the Sox’s and Yank’s in 1930’s uniforms walked on to the field from the corn 🌾


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