Tiger Eye after 1st stage course grit


After 5 days of tumbling

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  1. Your tiger eyes are beautiful. I’m sure it’s giving you a lot of pleasure working with them.

    I worked for about five hours cleaning out flowerbeds and have almost all the work done. It takes me longer every year.

    A friend is going to visit this week… She lives in St. Louis now but we worked together at the DOT many years ago. I always enjoy having her here. Will help to golf one day but the weather is not gonna be ideal. Take care

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    1. Hi Fran: That was after 5 days of stage #1 tumbling, just wait for images from seven days of stage #2, then 7 days of stage #3 (polishing) then 10 days of stage #4 final polishing.
      My near maintenance free garden took me about 5 hrs (total time spent) last year to tend to ❗️ ~Willy 🙂


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