I thought pandemic price gouging is illegal ⚔

Selling a bottle of  50¢ hand sanitizer for $ 4.95   is out right f̶u̶c̶k̶e̶d̶  larceny ❗️ What happened to the 🇺🇸 justice department ❓ 

They are to busy dealing with the ways of the government & The  B̲L̲M̲  rallies {Bureau of Land Management}


I never knew so many folks were concerned about the wilderness areas of the Western States  ❗️

I’ve filed complaints to the FTC, FAA,FCC., senators, representatives ..all them guys over the  the past 50 yrs to no a vial  ❗️


5 thoughts on “I thought pandemic price gouging is illegal ⚔

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  1. This has happened far to frequently in the UK. People cashing in on others misery. Things like this have divided the country into those who care and those who only care about themselves. Makes my blood boil. Apologies for the rant 🤬

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    1. Your not ranting. There are ‘screws’ all over the world and the christen soldiers (real people) can’t or won’t do a thing about it ❗️


  2. No apologies necessary 😉 I know what ya mean 😢 The world all ready went to ℍ in a basket and at 67 yrs old am waiting for the end ❗️


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