🏒 Saturdays growing up in Minnesota in January ❄️⛄️ at -25° ❗️

8 AM walk up town to get skates (blades) sharpened & purchase a ‘Christian Brothers’ lie 6 stick and a couple of ‘CCM’ pucks (if you have never chipped or shattered pucks on the goalpost You have never played Hockey in MN at sub zero temps 😉 )

10 AM shovel off the two hockey rinks ❄️ (the girls shoveled off the main figure skating rink)

Noon walk home kiddie corner from the park for Moms lunch 🍔

1 PM all us kids would line up against the boards and the two of the biggest guys (Team Captains) would pick their players. There would be anywhere from 4 to 25 skaters at the same time from each team on the ice 🙂 depending what time of the afternoon❗️

4 PM we flipped pucks to see who was gonna make the mini mart run (2 blocks away) pooled our money together for chips candy and pop. (don’t drop your coins on the rink whilst you will have to chissle them out with your blades❗️ )

After supper at sunset oh what a glorious sight 🙂 the lights came on the large main skating and both hockey rinks dyed red lines & blue lines shining on our newly shoveled rinks 🙂 at 9:30 PM the lights blinked to let ya know the warming house was closing and ya better get tour walking pacs out of there and the lights would be off by 10 PM.

The city would re flood the rinks early Monday so they were in good shape for the ‘Pee Wee’, Bantam, Junior high league games that week 🏒

Vintage Minnesota Heritage   https://history.vintagemnhockey.com/page/show/810799-christian-hockey-sticks

5 thoughts on “🏒 Saturdays growing up in Minnesota in January ❄️⛄️ at -25° ❗️

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    1. 😉 and as your stiff white toes started really stinging above the floor register Mom would slip a thimble of ‘Mogen David’ in that coco ♨ I am lucky I still have all my body parts after being frost bit so much 😉


  1. My son-in-law who grew up in Minneapolis had the same experiences with the neighborhood ice rink. To this day he still loves hockey since he played it as a kid.

    I’m getting ready to go outside and use my snowblower again since we got snow last night. Not very much but I want to clean the driveway off since we’re getting snow and two more days

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  2. I remember skating outside when I was young. (I live in Michigan.) I don’t think anyone does that anymore. It’s all rinks. No challenge of rough spots and tree roots. 😁

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