27 Dec. 50° and the ‘blizzard’ of xmas 2020 is melting here in East Tennessee❄️

‘Icehouse’ wind spinner 🙂 was cool after chasing the (Yo no hablo ingles) neighbor out of my furnace room at 5:30 am on xmas morning❗️ Then the vehicle that slid through the ‘T’ at the bottom of the hill and wiped out  a utility pole , I was OK but took 25 utilities users out south of me❗️

Neighbor Ladies ‘Frosty’ ⛄️

7 thoughts on “27 Dec. 50° and the ‘blizzard’ of xmas 2020 is melting here in East Tennessee❄️

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  1. Wow! Frozen stir straws for those umbrella drinks you don’t have to keep in the freezer. As I get older I know I don’t get out and “play” in the snow as much as I did previously just because recent years the temperature seemed colder, with prairie winds making it dip below 0 for periods of time. But living someplace where that rain stands a chance of turning to ice I think is worse that dealing with snow. When living in Louisiana in the 80’s I lived through an ice storm that took down a number of the skyscraper tall power line towers across the area. When the first one went down the others followed like dominoes. It was quite a sight. And took crews weeks to restore power in some places. I remember being out to photograph this for a local newspaper and came across an old country store, who’s potbellied wood stove was roaring and I all the more happy for it. jerry

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  2. LOL 😉 🍸 I prefer a 12″ cocktail straw to blend ‘antifreeze’ in my mug of coffee 🍹 To cold up there. I caught a ‘Grey Hound’ out of Ames, IA in ’07. Ice Storms are the worse several thousands were without power for over a month + ½ in 2010 here in southern Appalachia🌞 I got gas & electric heat + 2 cats so am always warm & happy 😉 What would suck though is not being able to use the Air Conditioner three days after the ice storm❗️
    They can have this Minnesota stuff 😉
    👉 https://washe240347587wordpresscom.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/mn-thursday.jpg


  3. Hi.

    That snowstorm you had in Johnson City looked awful… But we are getting one now and it’s a humdinger. They are predicting 8 inches of snow but I think it will be more.

    It started snowing about noon and it’s now 430 and it’s still snowing… Quite hard all day. When it’s all said and done the entire state will be covered in snow. What is unusual is there are no cars out or Snowmobiles. Maybe when it quits snowing and everybody gets home from work it’ll be busier

    I came home a couple days early from Minnesota because of the weather forecast. It was awful going up which I didn’t expect. From between albert Lea until north of owatana the roads were 100% ice and snow covered. I went 20 mph along with all the other cars the entire way, trucks were going 15 miles an hour and had their hazardous brakes on. It was nerve-racking. Eventually it got better and the temperature warmed up to 8° and the roads were clear.

    I hope you’re doing good. Take care

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