Has Anyone ever grabbed a pan out of the oven with a wet hot pad holder ❓

Steam burns bad 😉

I gabbed the handle of a cast iron skillet ONCE 66yrs ago on the wood burner stove at the Northern Minnesota cabin. It is amazing the knowledge one can acquire over a lifetime most the time once is all is a over 😉 However being an Electrician for 50+ yrs it took me 10 to feel the difference between 117 & 240 volts. for 440 880 & 1660 power company voltage I had to keep my shit together ⚡️⚡️

1 volt at .oo1amp (1 milli amp ) can kill a human❗️

electricity in america flows at 60 cycles per second I move at 65 cps so have been able to keep ahead of it all these yrs 😉

And if Ya believe how fast I move I will try to sell ya bridge in Brooklyn❗️

4 thoughts on “Has Anyone ever grabbed a pan out of the oven with a wet hot pad holder ❓

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  1. No injury from this new learning experience; I just added it to my vast storehouse of knowledge & will never do it again. Thanks for caring though Megan 🙂 ~Willy (BTW it was only a ‘Red Baron’ pie 💲 General was out of my more expensive ‘stuffed crust’ Dijorno) 🍕)


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