There is something wrong ⚠️

When you see 3 refrigerator semi trailors parked behind the morgue at Johnson City Medical Center   😢

Please be smart and stay safe and be aware of your actions effects on your friends & Family ❤️️


Lets get through this again 🙂

Statue of Balto in Central Park, New York City


8 billion+ people in the world will be hard to vaccinate ❗️

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  1. Hi

    It was good talking to you a couple days ago. I swear, you know more about my house than I do! I went downstairs and looked at the water line going to the east side of the house… And there is a shut off valve there next to the ceiling behind my washing machine/dryer. I had never noticed it before!

    I was going to start caulking some of the holes in the basement today but it’s getting late and I’m running out of energy.. It is so dark in the washroom that it will really help when I get it painted white. I wish you were here to do it for me!

    Your young kitty has the most beautiful gray markings. I can see why you picked her out at the shelter.

    I like that picture of you and your mask. I wear mine when I’m outside the house good. The numbers are really high here in Iowa.

    Take care

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  2. Stay safe in Iowa Fran 🙂 I am turning into an old man and can’t run around painting or being an electrician anymore after 55 yrs of being in the trade 😢 For You I would cross a flaming river❗️ ❤️️


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