Ball Cap🧢

I’ve got 21 ball caps I’ve collected over the years but only one necktie 😉 🧢

This is a twenty one week Sunday summer series featuring one cap a week ❗️

This hat concludes my Ball Cap🧢 Summer Sunday series, Thank-You for following 🙂

27dec 2014 032

Hats page

Three ways to ware a Hat Front , Back , and ‘Locked on’ 😉

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  1. You ran through all those baseball hats faster than I realized. I gave away all of kens Adobe hunting club hat… Otherwise you could have one for your collection.

    I Voted yesterday and dropped my ballot off in the mailbox. I wish Ken were alive so we could discuss the political environment. He was a Republican I am A Democrat. But there’s no way he would agree with the Republican stand on many issues today. Sometimes I still feel his presence in the house trying to tell me something.

    We got a skiff of snow overnight… The roads have some snow on it but it’s pretty well gone now. With this isolation I’m really dreading cold weather in winter. Take care

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    1. I miss Ken too 😢
      When I left Park City , Utah in 1992 I had a couple hundred hats ❗️ World Cup, Town Race, Olympics, ABC CBS NBC ESPN CNN… Those advertisers kept me in oysters on the ½ shell 😉 shooters & beer all night long That’s why I moved to Boone to calm down now I’m in Tennessee
      to get away from northern winters ❤️️


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