Ball Cap🧢

I’ve got 21 ball caps I’ve collected over the years but only one necktie 😉 🧢

This is a twenty one week Sunday summer series featuring one cap a week ❗️

27dec 2014 027

Three ways to wear a Hat❗️
Front, Back, & Locked On❗️

I am listening to ‘B̲l̲u̲e̲s̲ ̲B̲e̲f̲o̲r̲e̲ ̲S̲u̲n̲r̲i̲s̲e̲’

again this Sunday, like I have been, since I discovered them, for near twenty yrs now on NPR (search for a station near  you or listen on line)  🎶 🎹🎺🎷🎸BBS program schedule


Hour #3 of this weeks show 😉

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