Survival Pedometer ~Beadwork

Find out how many steps it takes You to walk 100 yards.

Count steps & slide one bead for each 100 yds.

approx. 18 beads = one mile

Then slide a ‘mile’ bead & start over.This one goes up to 5mi.

Counting on a long trek could make You go nutz, I suggest getting an electronic one ❗️

Pedometer ~bead work

2 thoughts on “Survival Pedometer ~Beadwork

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  1. I have a Fitbit 🙂 that counts my steps and I love it. It also tells me how well I sleep, when I am restless and when I’m in a deep sleep, light sleep or REM.

    It would sure be your bead method!!!!

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    1. I used to have one of those electronic ones but gave it to a friend who had a heart attack and had to walk a mile every day. I know when I’m in a deep sleep whilst I am awaken at 5 AM by the cat nibbling on my brow wanting me to open the seafood buffet 😸


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