Summer Carnival Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher I made from ground score ❗️
“I ran away the summer of 2000 and joined a Carnival  troupe in central Iowa”



Won a blue ribbon at the Green County, Iowa 4-H fair
I made it in Ogden, Iowa on-board the tour bus/bunkhouse.

made by Washe Koda

The piece of straw is from the hat worn by the ‘Spinning Strawberries’ & ‘Tilt-a-Whirl’ operator (both rides manufactured in Faribaut, Minnesota)


We kept a 5gal bucket of fresh water handy to clean up after pukers  🤢


4 thoughts on “Summer Carnival Dream Catcher

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  1. Hi.

    You are the only person I know who has ever run away and joined the carnival. What fun that must have been! I’ve also seen some of the dream catchers you have made over the years. They are always interesting and meaningful!!

    The ISU Football and volleyball games are going to be played without fans this year. Glad I don’t count on that money to live. It will be different to be a fan at home!!!! Super Nationals start tomorrow for a week. I’m not going out of the house.. scared of covid they will bring in!!!

    Take care

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    1. Yes like the ‘Disney Movie’Tobi Tylor, I had the time of my life seeing all those Kids faces & the adults too at the carnivals in central Iowa 🎡🎢🎠 You can here those stock cars from your back porch 😉


  2. This year was different with so many small communities that hold their own “fairs” and bring in small carnivals to many communities of 300 people or less all cancelled this year. Those that held something cancelled the carnival part of the event. Wondering if next year will be safe or if it will be a couple of years down the road when things level out again. Jerry

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