Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock 🐱😸

 Open screened Window or  Dinning Room available ❗️
{don’t forget to tip the human}

shamrock 2020-07-01 001-crop

Purple Shamrocks 2020-06-24 002-crop
Oxalis Triangularis





The Seafood Buffet is open 24/7 !!!

seafood buffet 2020-06-28 001-crop

No masks required in our dusty (fuzzy) but sterile home  😸

Shamrock buffet


Full blown summer in E. Tennessee 🌞 only 78° last night with another high of 95° today. Am watering the Columbine & Cat Nip seedlings daily and the Canna Lilies are getting less & less morning dew. The afternoon ‘Pop- Up’ thunder storms are getting few and far between. The Canna’s are 8′ going on 10′, don’t think there will be any twelve footers this season 😎

Cana Lilies (40)

Cana Lilies (56)

4 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Purple Shamrock 🐱😸

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  1. Nice Picture of your flowers. I can’t believe how tall your canna lilies are. We need rain badly and are not getting it. I hope You got left a nice tip… That first photo is really neat

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    1. Fran: My Washe (old tom) and young Emmy (10 mth’s now) 🐱😸 leave C̲a̲t̲druities daily for turning down their bed, gourmet meals, and scooping out the sand box. Hope ya get a little rain 😥 (city chloro-phlora ? ateded) water is expensive and not good for plants any way 😉


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