Home Page updated 27 May 2020

via WãshēKōdä.blog – ~info of great importance for a very small percentile of the worlds populous~ ⚡️

I just updated my home page before WP changes the editor on 1 June ’20.

I also have DIY, Yard, & Kitty Cat’s posts edited and scheduled  through April ’21 every Friday at 5 am (eastern)  #0500Friday💎

🐱Happy Two Fur Tuesday 🐱  has edited and scheduled posts through August ’20 by which time I will have educated myself on the new ‘block’ editor.

Cool Beans 👍

Everyone stay safe out there and Thank-You for following WasheKoda.blog 🙂



4 thoughts on “Home Page updated 27 May 2020

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    1. He he he 😀 I dumped FB & Twitter. Added Vimeo, YouTube, & Flicker links ❗️ I have been very busy during this ‘stay at home’ time period which is cool whilst I never go anywhere anymore anyway other then moving to Tennessee from Iowa thirteen years ago 😉
      Now I will have time to smell the roses on WP rather then planting them after changing from a .com to a .blog when I lost all my previous work 😉


        1. Sucks going through 300+ posts editing links from xxxx.com to xxxx.blog extension plus removing the Tumblr css from each one. Got time to explore and enjoy other folks posts now 🙂
          It’s worth it for me though saving $50 a year for the .blog site instead of the .com site 😉

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